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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment in Brooksville, FL

Root canals are very common surgeries performed in dentist offices across the country. A root canal procedure can curb pain and discomfort while protecting your teeth from further damage and avoiding costly implants and procedures down the road. The gentle hands at Shuayb Dental Institute perform all root canal treatments with great care, ensuring as little pain as possible and a positive experience for our patient.

Your tooth is made up of multiple layers. At the center of everything, is the ‘pulp’ of the tooth. Soft tissue with blood vessels that work to keep your tooth healthy and in place. When a cavity becomes so bad that it reaches the pulp, it can create an infection that brings with it everything from sensitivity, to seemingly unbearable pain. If an infection has reached the pulp, a root canal will remove the affected pulp, clean the entire area, and seal it from further infection.

Using simple local anesthesia, this procedure is usually completed in only one visit, but sometimes multiple visits can be required depending on the level of infection. When an infection is high, the swelling and irritation can make a root canal tough and painful to complete. In this case, cleaning the area and allowing the area to recover before the procedure is completed is the best way to ensure proper cleaning and sealing, and the least amount of discomfort for the patient. Root canals are a success in about 90% of patient cases. If there are further issues to discuss or your dentist worries about the chances of a successful treatment, we will speak with you about your options at the time of the examination. Our dentists will always make you feel comfortable and included in the treatment process so you fully understand the dental procedure you are having done.

Root Canal Cost

A root canal does not have a standard cost because the severity of the infection can differ greatly from patient to patient. Depending upon the point of entry, and how much of the pulp has become diseased, a root canal might require the tooth to be removed, and an artificial tooth put in its place. This can greatly affect the final cost of the procedure. We will work with your insurance to provide the best care at the lowest cost to you.