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Welcome back to the Shuayb Dental blog! In today’s post, we are going to cover the basics of dentures. Dentures can be a wonderful way to regain your confidence and the healthy function of your mouth. We specialize in providing our clients options for enhancing the quality of their life through dentures by offering a variety of different types of custom-made dentures. Stick around to learn more or visit our website. There, you can find information about our practice and even schedule an appointment.


Dentures have been around for a long time. A form of dentures may have existed as early as 7th century BC in Italy created by Etruscans. These “dentures” were made of human and animal teeth fastened together with gold bands. Wooden dentures were first invented in Japan during the 16th century and, contrary to popular belief, were not worn by George Washington. In 1820, the first porcelain teeth were used. However, many materials have been used to make dentures, including, wood, metal, animal bone, ivory, and even real human teeth.

Thankfully, we have progressed far beyond these archaic means of creating dentures and have more options for those who can benefit from this form of treatment.


Though full dentures have been popularized by depictions in pop culture and the media, there are more types available today that can be customized to fit your needs.


Full dentures are usually best for those who have lost their teeth. These are shaped to fit your mouth comfortably and made of the highest quality materials.


These are used temporarily after you’ve had dental surgery, and worn until your mouth has healed and your permanent dentures are ready.


Custom dentures use the best acrylic on the market to create the most natural and life-like teeth. These are stain-resistant and extremely durable.


If you have lost one or a few of your teeth, then partial dentures may be the right choice for you. These dentures are removable and can be made out of a variety of materials.


Metal dentures offer the most strength and can be seamlessly fitted to your teeth. They are also lightweight and tend to last for many years!


If aesthetics are a major concern, these dentures can be the perfect solution. They are made to be flexible and fit comfortably over teeth and gums.


As one of the most affordable options, these types of dentures can offer a comfortable fit if you are just missing one to three teeth.

The right type of dentures varies from person-to-person. To find the right option for you, it is best to make an appointment with your local dentist, such as Dr. Mohammad Shuayb and Dr. Sarah Shuayb at Shuayb Dental.


Dentures can dramatically improve your quality of life and enhance your overall health. They also can help to prevent oral diseases that could have some bearing on your overall health. Benefits of wearing dentures include:

• Restore your smile with natural-looking teeth
• Boost your confidence and self-esteem
• Reduce sagging due to tooth loss
• Allow you to enjoy eating and drinking
• Help you speak more easily
• Prevent bone loss
• Stabilize adjacent teeth
• Prevent gum disease
• They are an affordable treatment


If you are looking into getting dentures, you have probably seen information about dental implants as well. You may be wondering about which you should choose. Knowing what is right for you, depends on your needs and your budget, though both are cost-effective options.

Dentures can be removed and replaced at your leisure and can last up to five to seven years. Dentures are secured to gums with adhesive and can be a great solution for those with a weak jawline and weak gums.
Implants are surgically implanted into your jawbone and can last a lifetime. Implants can prevent bone loss and other oral health complications.
Though different, both options can provide benefits for enhancing your quality of life and ensuring your oral health. If you are ready to explore your options, visit the Shuayb Dental website. We offer three locations —Brooksville, FL and Crystal River, FL  — for your convenience and provide free online resources to help you on your search for a healthier, more beautiful smile. Learn more today by giving us a call!

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